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Şehir Mühendisi, Nablus Belediyesi


Azzam Qasrawi has been appointed recently in 2015 in the position of Nablus City Engineer, as head of engineering departments including transportation and traffic sections in the Municipality, Eng. Qasrawi is a civil engineer who was graduated in 1987 from An Najah National university with a wide experience in construction management, infrastructure solutions, water and wastewater treatment solutions Qasrawi has  occupied several positions in Palestine and abroad, he was the GM for the largest construction and development company in Palestine and worked in the field in construction management solutions in the United Arab Emirates for one of the specialized firms in USA  in a variety of mega projects in Dubai. Eng. Qasrawi is deeply willing to see creative solutions that will lead to smooth and healthy traffic in Nablus city which have an ancient living  heart which is thousands of years of age.